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Emergency AC Service St Petersburg Fl

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We have technicians on stand by for you. Service Lines Open 24/7/365.  If you are experiencing heating or cooling failure on your central air conditioning system and would like to request a technician, please read our after hours procedure and explanation of emergency AC Service.  Contact us Today!

We Have Factory Trained AC Technicians Who Work On:

  • Central Air Conditioning Systems

  • Heat Pump Systems

  • Ductless Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners (Mini-Splits)

  • Natural Gas Furnace and LP Furnaces

  • Natural Gas Space Heaters and LP Space Heaters

After Hours Charges

After Hours Service Calls until 10:00 pm $179.00
We have technicians on stand by for you. Service Lines Open 24/7/365.

After Hours Procedure

When you call our regular phone number after hours, you will be automatically transferred to our after hours call center.  There you will be connected to a technician or you may leave a message for sales or service and will be contacted the next business day.

After Hours Special

  • Planned Maintenance customers still receive the normal 10% discount on non-warrantied after hours labor and parts.
  • Charged from door to door means the technician’s travel time is accrued in the after hours charges.
  • Charges on Sundays and holidays are the same as the after 12:00 charges on  Saturdays

 Warranty Work

Warranty work may be performed after hours with the understanding that the factories which cover the warranties will not authorize the after hours labor charges. Therefore:

  • The difference of $37.00 per hour will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • The $179.00 surcharge will still apply
  • Some warranty parts are proprietary and are not stocked. In the event that a warrantied proprietary part is unavailable at the time of the after hours service call, a return trip will be arranged during normal business hours with standard rates being applicable. (No charge for items covered under factory warranty) In the event a factory part is unavailable, every effort will be made to provide temporary heating/cooling at the time of the after hours service call