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Air Conditioning Service

Your central heat and air conditioning are more often than not the most expensive appliance in your home. Whether you need to replace your older inefficient system or get service on a good system, we stand ready to serve you  24/7. Service call prices are $89.00 during business hours and $179.00 after hours. Air conditioning service in St. Petersburg and Tampa is handled by factory trained technicians who are dispatched centrally.  Air conditioning service charges have not been increased in over 5 years at Air Quality Control.  We work hard to keep our cost down without sacrificing service or maintenance performance.

  • Commercial and Residential

  • Planned Maintenance

  • Condensors

  • Heat Pumps

  • Air Purification

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We Perform Air Conditioning Service for All Brands!

Only $89 for a service call (Diagnostic Fee), but we’ll refund $59 with your paid repair!

Would you like to Eliminate Unexpected Service Charges?

Our fixed cost service plans provide you with the peace of mind by eliminating the cost of unexpected repairs.  Expensive repairs like compressors or coils can cost upward of $1000, even when the part is covered by the factory warranty.  You can eliminate that risk with plans starting as low as $17.50/month with approved credit.  And the best part is after you have participated for 60 months, you get the next 60 months for free.**

Fixed Cost Service Plans

Extended Labor Warranty


Full Coverage Service Plan

  • Comfort Club Included

Universal Plan

  • Comfort Club Included
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This offer is viable for anyone who has an AC system that is no more than 12 months old. Our Planned Maintenance, “PM”, members not only receive peace of mind but a 10% discount on all labor and parts for Air Conditioning Service performed. Now it’s easier than ever. Instead of paying for the yearly contract up front, you simply pay as you go and you get a discount for cash or check payments.

Twice Yearly visits are scheduled at your convenience by our courteous and friendly staff. Need to schedule your air conditioning Planned Maintenance but just can’t get a free second in the day to call us? No problem, send us an email. See our Contact Form to schedule a maintenance or service call.

The Importance of Routine Inspection & Maintenance

The Experts at Air Quality Control know the importance of keeping your indoor air quality high and your electric bill low.  Cleaning the evaporator coil will help your AC equipment operate more efficiently and improve your overall indoor air quality.  See the dramatic difference from one of our customer’s evaporator coil.



What Our Clients Say

I was very pleased with their professionalism and appreciate the time they took with the house, floors, cleaning up.


Very happy with the company.  The installers were cautious with our home.  They wore cloth booties over their shoes, put runners down on tour wood floors and they were very courteous young men.


Air Quality Control is the best.  From the product to service and price they cannot be beat.  I purchased my Carrier Air Conditioning System from Air Quality Control.

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